Meet#Web v0.8 Beta 1 released

We are pleased to announce the availability of the MeetWeb v0.8 Beta 1 release.
Check for release notes.

MeetWeb web-package can be setup for different profiles like local meetings, paper submission, national workshops, international conferences and other user-defined configurations.

Brief change log:
* Refactored installation subsystem
* Manager and registration subsystems refactored
* Access rights subsystem for registrants
* Three new modules: Invoices, Tutorials, Uploads

Database schema changed from v0.7.3

Installation requirements:
* PHP4 (ver. >=4.3) or PHP5 (ver. >=5.0, Windows-platform ver. >= 5.2.1)
* MySQL (ver. >= 4.1) or PostgreSQL (ver. >= 7.0)