Meet#Web v0.9 released

We are pleased to announce availability of the Meet#Web v0.9 release.

It is important release with many fixes.

Full changelog:

Fixed error in upload of long files with size > max_allowed_packet (MySQL) (ravx)
Upload directory support decommitted (ravx)
Button-like links style is changed (ravx)
License is changed to Apache 2.0 License (ravx)
I18n is decommitted temporarily (ravx)
Online registration UI: left side menu replaced by breadcrumb (ravx)
Separated CSS files for manager (man.css), registrant (reg.css) and
other (common.css) interfaces (ravx)
Support for PHP 5.4.x (ravx)
Added Private Key change page in Reg Cabinet (ravx)
Optimized usage of file require_once(): some inclusions were inside of methods (ravx)
Added configuration file /classes/setup/security.php (ravx)
Enabled support for SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 password hash (ravx)
MD5/SHA-1 support is decommitted (ravx)
User authentication is forced to hash challenge mechanism (ravx)
Popup forms are replaced by plain pages (ravx)
Maximal number of reg code generation attempts set to 100 (ravx)
Generated password length set to 12 (ravx)
RusVisa: passport issue and expiration dates became optional (ravx)
Uploads module: file content migrated to database LOB column (ravx)
Added two affiliations fields to author (ravx)
Fixed e-mail sending to empty list of recipients: action is ignored (ravx)
UI improved (ravx)
Eliminated @ prefix from commands that causes errors (ravx)
Fixed MySQL scripts: Type=InnoDB --> Engine=InnoDB (ravx)
Fixed bugs in setup wizard (ravx)

Database schema changed from v0.8.2.

Installation requirements:
PHP5 (ver. >=5.0, Windows-platform ver. >= 5.2.1)
MySQL (ver. >= 4.1) or PostgreSQL (ver. >= 7.0)