Meet#Web v0.10 released

We are pleased to announce availability of the Meet#Web v0.10 release.

It contains new features for online registration process and registrant cabinet.

Full changelog:
Added page 'Edit Registration: Russian Invoice Info' in Cabinet (ravx)
Added page 'Edit Registration: Visa Application' in Cabinet (ravx)
Added page 'Edit Registration: Basic Info' in Cabinet (ravx)
Added page 'Edit Paper Info' in participant's Cabinet (ravx)
Decommitted 'Update Paper Abstract' page in Cabinet (ravx)
Minor fixes in Papers module code (ravx)
Added option to skip Papers form during online registration process (ravx)
Added option to skip Russian Visa application form (ravx)

Database schema has not changed from v0.9.

Installation requirements:
PHP5 (ver. >=5.0, Windows-platform ver. >= 5.2.1)
MySQL (ver. >= 4.1) or PostgreSQL (ver. >= 7.0)