MeetWeb v0.6 (Beta1) released!

We are very pleased to announce the availability of the MeetWeb v0.6 Beta1 release with new modular architecture. The code is rewrited at 95%! The new trend is: web-configurability, flexibility and extensibility.

The project can be setup for different profiles like local meetings, paper submission, national workshops, international conferences and other user-defined configurations.

Check for release notes.

The standard package contains 4 embedded modules:

  • Hotels - hotel reservations
  • Papers - paper(s) submission, manuscript uploading, paper reviewing, topic/session support
  • RusInvoices - for preparing Russian Invoice for citizens of CIS
  • RusVisas - implements appliance form for Russian Visa and passport pages upload.

The modules can be activated/deactivated at installation and operational stages via web-interface.

Following registration form fields are optional now: Citizenship, Affiliation, Position, Office address, Phone, Fax. Control is implemented via web-interface. Note that modules RusInvoices and RusVisas are automatically disabled if field Citizenship is not used.

Originally system supports two user categories: managers (aka orgcommittee) and registrants. Modules are allowed to expand manager rights subsystem.

All configuration files have front-end web menu for modification.

Database schema changed from v0.5.

The project can be installed in upgrade mode (for versions >= 0.6) with no database alteration.

Installation requirements: PHP ver. >= 5.0, PHP (Windows only) ver. >= 5.2.1, MySQL version >= 4.0, PostgreSQL version >= 7.0